How to request a NetCode via SMS

How to request a NetCode via SMS

1. For a number to be able to request a NetCode they will first need to be added to the Whitelist.  To do this open the SMS Whitelist tab on the Portal homepage and then click + New Entry.


2. When prompted, input the user's name and phone number.  Make sure to enter the number in an international format, for example, in the UK, the phone number 07123 456789 should be entered as 447123 456789.


3. Now they are in the Whitelist they will be able to request NetCodes.  These are billed at two credits per request, one for the SMS and one for the NetCode.

4. From the lock details page take note of the identifier number found under Request via SMS and give this to the user.


5. They can now text this identifier to one of the below numbers and will receive a response containing the NetCode. 

Note: The identifier is case sensitive and must not have any spaces in the message. 

Germany : 4917717870120

UK : 447520633332

Finland : 3584573975977


6. All NetCodes requested via SMS have a duration of two hours starting from the hour it was requested. So if it is requested at 2:34pm, the NetCode would permit access between 2:00pm and 4:00pm.

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