Create a New Account and Add a Lock

Create a New Account and Add a Lock

  1. Open the portal and then select 'Register'
  2. Complete the registration form when prompted, once completed click 'Register'. 
  3. You will have now received a verification email containing a link, please open this to verify your email address. Note: This should only take a few minutes however it can sometimes take a couple of hours.  If you are still waiting please remember to check your spam/junk folder.
  4. Now a lock can be added to the portal by first selecting what type of lock you have at the top of the page, and then selecting 'Add'.

  5. Extra step for CL4510/CL5510 only:  You will be prompted for an access key during set up, this can be located in the K3 Connect app (Settings > User Info > Access Key) to link the portal and app together with the lock.

  6. Now you are presented with a page requesting information about what type of lock you own, the timezone it is located in and the lock's mastercode (In this case it will be the default mastercode, #12345678). Please note: It is imperative that this information is correct otherwise the code's timescales will be incorrect.


       7. You will now been presented with a sequence to type into the lock, this must be done straight away.You will now been presented with a sequence to type into the lock, this must be done straight away.

       8. Your lock will now be set up, registered to your account and ready to use. 

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